Spotlight: Misty Casseus

Full Name:
Misty Casseus


Virginia Beach

La La Land

Snowboarder or Skier:

How many seasons:

Ride Style:

Board Type:  Burton Feelgood 152

Signature Style:  
Denim snowboarding pants and my Haitian flag scarf “SAK PASSE!”

What’s your terrain
Blue, with some black sprinkled in.

Favorite Mountain:
Jackson Hole, Wyoming…you’re bound to see a mousse on the trail.

What is the best thing about snowboarding:
Always having a way to challenge yourself, and the great people you meet along the way.

What do you when you’re not on the mountain?
I have done everything from skydiving to sandboarding and everything in between.  I have traveled around the world, and I still have a little space left for some more stamps in my passport.  During my 9-5 I save lives. My second career/passion is being a Fashion Stylist.  And I am the co-founder of Flipside Fresh!

What is your fondest mountain memory? 
It was an hour ‘til closing in Homestay at Tahoe. I was learning how to connect my turns and after falling all day long, I finally connected 3 turns in a row. Thanks Rodney for giving up your day of boarding, to help me get to the next level.