2013 Winter X- Games

The 2013 Winter X Games will soon take place for the twelfth year in Aspen, Colorado from January 24, 2013 to January 27, 2013. The winter action sports competition will feature 12 categories within the snowsports of Snowboard, Ski, and Snowmobile. Two hundred of the world’s best snowsports athletes will participate, and of these 200 participants, 62 will represent the US, of which 11 are women. All of the competitions will take place on the Buttermilk Ski Resort.

Now, some would say that there is a lack of ethnic variety within the X Games itself, but the X Games, Winter X Games, and snowsports are no strangers to diversity. Check out Russell Winfield, the first American pro snowboarder who paved the way for others in the sport, and James Stewart, Jr., a Summer X Games Supercross Champion. Snowboarder Ben Hinkley proved he could ride with the best, participating in multiple X Games in the Big Air category and achieving double front flips in the 2000 X Games. And then there’s Sal Masekela who, up until last year, hosted the X Games and Winter X Games on ESPN for 13 years…a good 13 years at that!

Two-thousand-thirteen should also prove to be an eventful year for the X Games on the resort, but for those who’ve never been to Aspen or better yet, the Buttermilk slopes, you might be wondering what it’s all about. The resort primarily caters to snowboarders and beginning skiers, but has runs for all levels. It is located three miles outside of Aspen and is open from mid-December to early April. More information on the Buttermilk Ski Resort is available on http://www.allaspen.com/buttermilk/, and you can read more about Aspen’s culture, nightlife, history, and to-do’s on http://www.aspenchamber.org/.

 So, if you are looking for something fun to do this January, take a trip out to Aspen and the Buttermilk Ski Resort, and check out this year’s Winter X Games!