TRI, TRI, again... Nicole Tucker

Now that we've all packed up all our snowgear, it's time for all the summer activities to begin.  FSF is back to report on all the summer fun.  First up is La La Land's very own Nicole Tucker.  We caught up with Nicole in the midst of training for yet another triathlon.

Full Name: Nicole Tucker

Hometown: Los Angeles

Resides in: Los Angeles 


How many triathlons have you participated in? I have completed 4 triathlons and 1 marathon.

What does a full triathlon consist of?  1.5K swim, 40K bike and 10K run

How did you get started with Triathalons? Triathlons were on my bucket list for years and then I went on a ski trip and met someone who had done several races. He inspired me, and also became my coach. I immediately bought a road bike and found a local cycling group that I joined on rides each Saturday. I still ride with this group 1-3 times a week. My coach, Maurice Wills, put me on a training schedule. Basically, I had one off day per week. I rode twice a week, ran 3 times a week and swam twice a week. Some days combining swim/bike  or bike/run.
When I first began, it seemed like a lot to prepare for. But, over time it became part of my weekly lifestyle. It naturally changed my nutrition habits because I had to get the proper balanced diet in order to sustain my energy for long workouts. I usually start the day off with fresh fruit smoothies with super green food supplement or a bowl of granola and vitamins. Throughout the day, I generally eat lots of vegetables, salads and some fish. On my long workouts, I generally take cliff bars and gatorade for energy.

How did you begin your Triathlon Club?  About three months ago, I was running in my neighborhood and got stopped by several people who asked what I was training for. I told them I was training for triathlons. Each one of them said that they too wanted to do triathlons but did not know how to begin. So that day, I started a group called "Nicole's Triathlon Club." I figured that I could help others aspire to their triathlon goals with direction and training. And for me, I would have a new a group of friends to do races with me.  It has been such a great project. On June 10th, I have  7 people in the group doing their first triathlon. I am very proud of all of them. 

What advice would you have for anyone intersted in participating in triathlons? First I would say join a group. Triathlon training can be overwhelming to do alone. In a group, you find support and inspiration that you might receive on your own. Team In Training is probably the most popular group, but there are local groups such as LA Tri Club or my own, Nicole's Triathlon Club on Facebook.


Any last words? I just want to say that triathlons are for ANYONE, athletic or non-athletic. You just have to want to do it, and go for it. One of my newbie triathletes called me the other day and said, "Nicole, this triathlon thing is expensive."  I said," Yes, a little bit." And he said, "No, you don't understand. I have lost 30lbs, and I had to get a whole new wardrobe!"...And his journey begins.

Thanks Nicole for the great insight about triathlon training!  We all will be rooting for you and your club this weekend at the Redondo Beach Triathlon! If you happen to be in the So Cal area, and would like to root Nicole and her Triathlon Club on, please hit her up on Facebook.  Or, if you are ready to cross triathlons off your bucket list, contact Nicole's Triathlon Club for their training schedule.

Nicole you're one bad chick!  And of course you've just made our Fresh List!