Spotlight: MK Phillips

Full Name: Mackenzie K. Phillips

Nickname:  MK

Hometown:  Chicago, Illinois

Residing: Chi

Snowboarder or Skier: Currently a Snowboarder, but started skiing at 4-yrs. old (secretly a double threat!)

How many seasons have you been riding:  I’ve been snowboarding now for 7 seasons.  I learned for the first painful three days in 2005 at Vail.

Type of Board: GNU B-PRO 149

Ride Type: Regular 

What’s your terrain: Blacks, bumps, and decently open trees

Favorite Mountain:  Steamboat

What is the best thing about boarding?  The freedom you feel while riding. The mountain air is amazing!

What do you when you’re not boarding? Ashtanga Yoga, snuggling up with my dog Bella

What is your fondest mountain memory? This is hard because there are so many.  As a child, I loved going on family vacations out west to ski. Being in the villa or "billa" as my brother used to call it, was always magical.  As an adult, I love the camaraderie of riding with others who love to be on the mountain, having interesting conversations on the chairlifts, etc. You really get to know a person in those "moments of play." I do think you learn more about a person in an hour of play, than in a year of conversation.  I look forward to every hour of play.

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