Spotlight: Jason Jones

Full Name:  Jason Jones

Nickname:   J Jones

Hometown:  Detroit

Residing:   Detroit

Snowboarder or Skier: Skier

How many seasons have you been riding:  11 seasons

Type of Skis:  Line Chronic Blends (178L) (90M)

Signature Style on the mountain:  My style is simple. I want my technical gear to look JUST like my street clothes. Thin, not too bulky, bright or subdued (whichever is in current fashion), but the most important element is that when I walk into happy hour, no one knows if I’ve been on the hill or not.

What’s your terrain: Blacks, Double Blacks, and the near backcountry.

Favorite Mountain:  Vail

What is the best thing about skiing:  Being away from the hustle and bustle in clean crisp air, loving nature, and riding with a great crew of folks who challenge you to be better than you are on and off the mountain.

What do you when you’re not skiing?   I play tennis, flag football, and lift weights. Other than that, I enjoy living life to the fullest with good friends.

What is your fondest mountain memory?  The moment that I became a junkie, was the last ride of my rookie season. It was almost pitch black, I met a brotha on the lift who was clearly better than I, but he asked if I would ride with him as he too was solo. When he reached the bottom of the hill (albeit while traveling 60 miles an hour at dusk over terrain I had no business on), he looked back uphill, surprised to see me standing there on his heels he said, “OH, you’re still here?!?”. I said, “Yep, still here.” …and I’ve been here ever since. 

Congrats J just made the FRESH LIST!