Name of Organization: SOULBOARDERS  

Year Founded: 2007

Purpose: SOULBOARDERS is a social organization of eclectic Black snowboarders with the goal of bringing awareness to the Black snowboarding experience and creating community on the slopes with other Black boarders. We are affiliated with the National Brotherhood of Skiers (NBS). Our riders hail from across the country and come from all walks of life. Together we embrace the unique community and party experiences of being Black on the slopes. In short, we are a social organization for Black snowboarders...and the people who love them. Got Soul?

What is the demographic: The crew is made up of ride or die boarders, plus a few really dope skiers.

Membership cost: There is no membership application or fees. All we ask is that you if you call your self a SOULBOARDER, be a part of our community.

Where will we see your organization at this year: 
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