Putting a Fresh Perspective on Adventure Sports

Flipside Fresh is an adventure sport apparel line that integrates music, style, and imagery of popular culture. The name Flipside Fresh originated from our belief that there is only one side of adventure sports being represented.  We aim to breakdown the stereotypes and bring awareness to the diversity of adventure sports. Our goal is to highlight the other side - the Flipside.

Our tees are premium fitted, 100% combed jersey cotton. Every design is created through a collaborative effort between the creative director, graphic artist, and adventure sports enthusiasts.


Meet Misty

Misty is the owner and the Creative Director of Flipside Fresh. Raised in Virginia Beach, and currently residing in Austin, she has been a fashion stylist for 15 years, but an adventure seeker all of her adult life. Her thirst for adventure and love of fashion has taken her around the world. During the last 10 years, Misty has become an avid snowboarder and self proclaimed "action sport junkie." As her love of snowboarding grew and her exposure in the fashion industry increased, Misty started to explore ways to combine these two important facets of her life. After spending time on the slopes, skydiving, and surfing, Misty noticed there wasn’t a clothing line that gave a voice to minority action enthusiasts. This very important and growing segment of adventure sports was being overlooked. Her love for fashion and adventure, led to her vision for Flipside Fresh.


Meet David

David is our in-house Graphic Designer. A design graduate from the Art Institute of California-Los Angeles, his inspiration comes from his love of all things fresh in fashion, music, and art.  David is very passionate about his work. He works tirelessly to make sure even the smallest detail is just right!